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I am an artist that produces a wide range of art types , I love science fiction, fantasy, extraterrestrials,elves, fairies, space, science, art and cats,

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The truth is people get born, then they live life and then they die. What is the point of that ? I don't believe in this afterlife nonsense be it the classic western perception of heaven and hell which religion and theism is used to control the population by the religio political elites, and the eastern perception of re-incarnation. People have claimed and they claim they have remembered passed lives, perhaps they do have memories. But looking and studying myself in reality, I do not have any memories of past lives and such. All the memories I have which I can still remember is from childhood up to this present day of the abuse I went through , the bullying, the boredom, and some occasions some happy times and the memories with my star mother, the memories of being in hospital with an unknown virus and so on. Though I do have memories of being in extraterrestrial bodies on different planets kind of like the movie "Avatar" , but the speculation of it being real is not clear and could be just a dream or a lucid ream, and not really a consciousness transfer, but then again it could be.

So since I don't believe there is an afterlife, based on on what I learn , read through and comparing it with my experience being alive. I know the basics of extraterrestrial general science, and do find it interesting how this planet's civilisation is catching up to it. What I know is covered in some books from some people who have experienced contact with extraterrestrials, though they do not cover everything about it, perhaps the important parts to provide a basic idea...

One of these concepts is energy and matter(particles). People on this planet believe particles are made up of energy. What they don't realize is that energy is the motion, the movement, the attraction and repulsion between these particles, and that  all particles are made up by the density of moving , always in motion, smaller particles and so on, which follow this concept:
particle->energy->particle->energy->particle->energy->energy through infinity. Thus one can stipulate that Matter(stuff/particles) cannot exist without Energy(motion movement vibration), and Energy(motion movement vibration) cannot exist without Matter(stuff/particles).

So when you get the concept of spirits and ghosts, it would violate this infinite fractal of energy and matter, because it is perceived as energy on its own, without having a physical influence at some level. Thus the term "spirit" to me is merely a description of a "state of being" not a being, so therefor ghosts and spirits do not exist, and observations of them are an optical illusion or someone's imagination.

Then since I don't believe in the existence of any form of afterlife based on experience and data and thought and reason, then people actually get born, live and die. Then people would bring up the term "soul" and perceive it as "spirit". The thing is the "soul" is the consciousness of a being, and it is stored, and processed in the physical brain, and its energy that groups up into data and informations providing the instructions on how people think and reason, solve problems and make decisions in life. A model to describe this would be like comparing the brain and mind to an electronic computer. The consciousness is basically one's operating system, like Windows, Linux or OSX, and the physical brain is the machine. When a computer dies and is thrown on the rubbish heap, it decays, and so does the stored data, and operating system that would still exist on the hard drive, and get dispersed and fragmented into the environment. I think the same happens with the consciousness within the brain, when it decomposes and gets used up and recycled, so the consciousness of that being gets fragmented and dispersed and even corrupted and lost, when it is fully decomposed, just like the data, and OS on a hard drive.

Now sit and ponder, what is the point of being alive, when one is born, is conscious and can think create, imagine and dream in a limited time of a lifespan , then die and all this gets lost and fragmented ? What is the point of all this ? You would think that if people understand this, they would make most of their lives being a conscious living being, and even be aware of others who would also would try and make the most of things, but they exploit and use other people like capital and resources. People making other people's lives a living misery and a living hell so that they achieve happiness out of the suffering and torment of others. I find this very depressing disturbing and see life completely pointless, because a life span of a human being is insignificantly short and finite even when compuring to the time relevant to stars and planets. It small and insignificant like that of a fruit fly… Born, live and die… makes me wish I never existed in the first place, and then having to experience a shit life while conscious and live, on the basis of being born different, alien and a freak.

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