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life sucks

Posted by zanaelf - September 18th, 2018

i will be leaving twitter sometime this week because people are assholes, and dont like me when I share my thoughts, art, music etc... they just don't want me around.. I might kill myself in the process of leaving...

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are people assholes? Not everyone... Nobody are pure "assholes". Everybody have their sins. some less, some more. We are all peoples... we belong to same kind.. I might accept a words "people are assholes" if you might see your own faults too. Everyone have, nobody is saint. About "I might kill myself". Tell me... Do you really think that "suicide" is a way? Suicide isn't a way. I know why people make it... I understand their feelings, while doing it... And i don't judge them for it. But this isn't a way. Life is hard, life have many minuses: Suffering, loneliness... torment... But Life isn't only this. Life is a sum of happiness and sadness. Our life would be empty if there was only "happiness". And tell me also one thing: Do you really think that suicide give you this "Happiness"? You don't need to answear me.... just ask yourself these questions... just for yourself.

sound kinda like southpark
where if you leave twitter you die socialy and kinda really
i myself never used twitter soo idk how its like
i think there is always people that would like your stuff

don't do that. people are just haters for no reason. if they give you usefull feedback they don't mean to hurt you but if they are just stupid comments there just insecure and don't know what there talking about but please don't kill yourself. i know it's rough especially because you can hear it often but people like that are not worth it. your more worth it than any of the haters.
also about what 0Rockklukio said i can understand what he is saying but i also can understand your view on this but i also know that the suiscide thing isn't to get happiness. it's to let it all stop atleast that was the case for me. anyway your so worth it. please don't let some people determan your faith. if those people get to deside your faith i would be sad because you have so much talent. i hope you stay with us. your worth it.