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Tumblr just actually drove me to want to kill myself

Posted by zanaelf - January 13th, 2019

tumblr made me feel like killing myself ..
tumblr   destroying my entire page, removing my user photo of my face, removing symbol of infinity art off the display slash in app view… i think they would be happy if i kill myself

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If I were in your position, I'd give Tumblr the middle finger as I took my business elsewhere. What worries me is that social media is increasingly becoming a breeding ground for manipulative practices by unscrupulous asshats. It's why I'm glad that I never joined Facebook at all.

Thanks... it appears they do not give a shit about me if I kill myself or not , you right they can go fuck themselves... do you know where I can have a blog for posting WIPs... newgrounds is like for posting complete work and then not all things are acceptable when it comes to intimacy, nudes, nipples and whatnot on Deviantart...

Tumblr used to be broadminded. It was heaven when I left facebook in 2012, where I had lost 2000 friends(was the site where I used to have the most friends/followers) and also lost contact with close friends I met in IRL, and family members.. who want fuck all to do with me, since I left. I left facebook because they would delete an artwork , punish me with a 30 day suspension for 31 days , leaving me one day or less to use to try and contact with family/freinds.. then they would remove an artwork and slap on another 30 day ban... this went on repeatedly for a few months, until I said fuck it and left. Tumblr was lonely , I did not give a shit about that , at least I could upload my art and that was therapeutic to recover from the mental abuse and violence facebook gave me... everything was fine for 7 years until now... Tumblr done the same thing, but in a different way... not suspensions, but trash the entire blog page, making it inaccessible in its desktop format, except for dashboard... and hidden from the web reducing all exposure of my work
Funny how Tumblr turned to discriminate against LGBTI peoples and their freedom to express themselves free from religious Puritan morals with Brexit and Trump being the fucking buzz of the masses.