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I am an artist that produces a wide range of art types , I love science fiction, fantasy, extraterrestrials,elves, fairies, space, science, art and cats,

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Ra,Terra, UK, Sunderland

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Why was I born, why was I born with both genders to be then have forced surgery by parents to the gender they want? Why was I bought up in the gender they wanted, Why did I develop ? Why do I exist on this planet ? Why am I an organic meatbag that lives an insignificant amount of time compared to stars and galaxies and galaxy clusters ? Why is life short ? Why are people assholes ? Why do people find pleasure in seeing me suffer, and post me on Encyclopedia Dramatica because I was born different ? Why was I born, why am I an organic life form ?I only wish to be accepted who I am and only get attention to people who hate me ? Why did my parents abuse me ? Why do people abuse me when I looked up to them and hoped for insight, some guidance on the things, and they turned on me because I did not understand why they do things to me and made me appear stalkerrish, and their responses to me made me do more of it ? Why am I here , why do I exist ? why do I hate myself ? Is it because what what people have done to me when I tried to love myself, explore with myself and be myself as it came out to freakish ? Why am I even alive when I tried to kill myself.. I want to do things be creative . Why did I get coronavirus and not die , but still struggling with wanting to do what I want to do each day because coronavirus fucked me up badly , where I feel I am over long covid , but now still feel have to recover from long covid , why do I suffer, why do people suffer why do people get joy and happiness from observing other people suffer ? Why did I get benaned from websites just because I am me ? why are people dogmatic ? Why do people suck ? Why do I hate myself ? why do I want to kill myself and why do I not want to kill myself ? Why do I want to see as much as I can in the universe that even if I had a space craft that can travel across the galaxies like stepping on pavement stones when it is still insiginificant to the size of the infinite universe(multiverse) ... what is the point ? Why am I happy when I create, why do I get unhappy when people hate me ? Why do they hate me ? Why do I hate people who hate me?

What is the purpose of living ?

Why do I want to kill myself ?Why do I want to live as long as I can so the things of the present become meaningless and all the hate fades away with time., why do I hate time ? I feel there isn't enough of it to be able to do what I want to do. I feel frozen in time when time ticks away , wanting to do something, but cant get starting into something...

I feel tired , I feel worn out... I just want to sleep and sleep and wake up in the next millennium when I hope things be better.. when I can get a new body...

Where and why do I have to live now through suffering why us there suffering

Why do people get happiness and joy from me suffering

Why did they waste their time doing something that makes them happy, and everyone else happy without anyone suffering or be in pain by their actions ?

why are people cruel ? Why did be born this way that would make people give themselves the reason to be cruel to me ?

Why are there people , why is there life in the universe when it could have all been matter and no consciousness ? Why is life short why is their pain and suffering , why do I know more pain and suffering than joy and happiness ?

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