Rising from the ashes Cinematic Song
No More War Miscellaneous Song
Lambton Wyrm Miscellaneous Song
Tenno Find The Power Trance Song
The Sound Of Infinity Trance Song
Crapita Capita your 1984 Grunge Song
Star Mantra Trance Song
The greatest moment to come Experimental Song
At a Crossroads Cinematic Song

2014 Submissions

Infinity Eyes Trance Song
Space ESXP Trance Song
No More War Not In My Name Experimental Song
The Arrival Experimental Song
Xscape Earth Dubstep Song
Lightyears Away Ambient Song
There is No God Trance Song
Nuclear Fallout Experimental Song
Vigilandalah New Wave Song
One Minute Before Midnight Dubstep Song
Burning Poppies World Song
UFOs Experimental Song
Star Dance Dance Song
Decaying Tears Classical Song
Above The Clouds General Rock Song
iTunes sad depressing version Cinematic Song
starHome Trance Song
starTrack Trance Song
starTunes Ambient Song