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The 5p Plastic Bag Scam

Posted by zanaelf - October 16th, 2015

I am so annoyed and frustrated with this paying for plastic bags when I have to do the groceries. It is nothing but a mechanism to make people more into cash cows in a form of “bag tax” to extract money from people to fund a more sinister issue, where the money is collected by CAPITA and the majority goes to so called outsourcing companies part of the industrial military complex such as SERCO, G4S, and weapons manufacturers to fund war like the council tax. They lie to people that they use the funds to solve environmental issues, where some of the funds may be used to support the fracking industry, because the free mason pig molester, pedophile David Cameron and his buddies are focusing on fossil fuels and not renewable energies , and alternative energies such as the confiscated flying disk technology the Germans were  developing at the end of WW2. 


Its all about money, and the more reason why money is such a disease to society as it has been set first preference over the lives of people and the ecology of the planet. Like this bag tax, the carbon tax is the same thing using an environmental disaster to make profit and fund the industrial military complex. They know about better technology besides the known wind, solar etc renewable energy sources, such as  zeropoint, electromagnetic, fusion reactors or hydrogen protons. The strange thing is with nuclear fusion , the only thing that has been successful is a fucking bomb, instead of an energy source. It just shows you how primitive people are still are especially the bureaucratic  politicians and money whore bankers who are freemasons are, and they are killing the planet.


Anyway like I said, if anyone of these fucknuts makes my life more difficult and hard, the more the shit would bounce back and expose there idiocracy. 


First of all I feel I am punished with the 5p charge , when I actually had reused/recycled my plastic bags as bin bags to dispose of rubbish waste from groceries and cat litter , cat shit and pee. Now what I would have to do buy bin bags they sell at a store ? How the fuck would this reduce my plastic waste as an individual ? It would be the same amount weather I reuse shopping bags or when I use the on the shelf bin bags. No reduction of plastic waste as a n individual. Why should I be punished by the fucknuts that call themselves government , when I have been having consideration for the environment as an individual , on the negligence of the environment by others ? I never litter, but I have seen many people on the street litter, dump their litter out of their vehicles on the roadside. The thing is South Africa introduced this bag tax a decade ago, and they still have a plastic bag problem, that is harming the wildlife. Charging people for the bags is stupid and nothing but a money making pyurimid scheme to be pocket money for politicians and fund the industrial military complex. Anyone who does not comply would simply be arrested and charged by court most likely fines, cautions , and if repeated the threat of prison, which is stupid.


If the idiots of politicians, bureaucratic wankers, and bankers behind this were concerned with the environment besides tackeling the climate change pollution by fossil fuels by releasing suppressed technologies , and the use of alternative renewable energies, but the plastic pollution problem, they would making it mandatory for shops to supply free biodegradable plastic bags, and use worms and bacteria to eat the existing plastic pollution issue.







I feel I have to brake this bag tax law, create a scene just to voice my opinion, but my worries are is how mind bogged and stupid are people to see and hear what I am trying to say from what I have experienced in the past with past experiences with violent, stupid and primitive people who would not react directly and think about things but roll out mindlessly some bureaucratic legal action shit with kangaroo courts ? I amn so angry and pissed off with this issue, because it does not tackle and fix the problem like biodegradable plastic, plastic eating mealworms and bacteria which would not only focus on plastic bags, but all plastic grocery waste, where recycling is not feasible enouph. 

Society needs to be guided and assisted by science, and scientists, not governed by money scams, policy makers , ethics puritans , and goat and pig fuckers(fraternity/cult turd faces). As long as earth is governed by these idiots, this planet is considered fucked.