Entry #44

Thank goodness no nuclear shitstorm happened.

2017-08-21 23:25:30 by zanaelf

I recommend people to call Whitehouse daily,leave messages to stop the warmongering, be polite, else you will get hung up. Planet in danger. I am relieved nuclear shit storm did not start today, I think a the possible delay of events may have occurred with the Oil Tanker and warship collision, and US navy was dismissed planet-wide. it was close call, tensions are still tight because of military drills in SK, and the NK Korea border dam flooding. It is like a calm before a storm there.. Lets hope the storm dissipates, and drills end. The drills made future talks more challenging. THank you all for your meditation efforts, it prevented the worst happening today, keep up so peace wins over USA military warshit.The last call will be in September when the nations roll out to implement nuclear ban peace treaty and apply it.


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2017-08-22 01:25:47

You know of the two-man rule, correct? Trump can't just shoot off nukes..


2017-08-22 02:03:54

are you autism?